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We had invested in buying an advanced digital printing machine which was not affordable in most of other garment factory of Rashguard, Rash Vest, Rashguards.


With our advanced digital printing technology, excellent fine quality of design can be printed on the stretchable materials. The printing was thin, soft and smooth.


Printing characteristic compare:

Normal screen print or sublimation print:

- Screen cost of each color should be made one screen or rotary screen for printing production.

- Cost is very expensive in small quantity.

- Quality is very poor.

- Surface is very hard.

- Easy broken.

Digital photo print

- No any color limit

- No any cost for making screen.

- You only send the graphic and photo to us then we can print that on rash guards.

- Quality very clearly and detail like a photo effect.

- No thickness hand feels on the printing surface because the ink is absorbed in the yarn of fabric.

- No broken when stretch of fabric.

It will never be broken even when stretch in all directions.
The dye had been tested and was proven to be safe and non-allergic to
human skin.

So This printing is suitable to Wakeboard Lycra Rash Vest, Bodyboard Rashguards, Windsurfing UV protect Rash Guard, Surfing Lycra Rash vest, Kitesurfing Rashguard and Fight Jiu Jitsu Rash guards



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Digital Photo Print MachineDigital Photo Print Machine